Simplify Your Pregnancy with These Tips and the Right Obstetrician near the North Shore

Fortunately, there are some things you can do to make your pregnancy a little easier and work more rest into your schedule. For starters, delegate household chores whenever possible. Ask your partner to take over the grocery shopping, or look into ordering groceries online. Make sure the whole family helps with cleaning tasks, and that you are putting your feet up to relax when you need to. To spend less time in the kitchen, you could also consider cooking two meals at once so that you can take the next night off!

Another great way to simplify your pregnancy is to choose an obstetrician near the North Shore, who offers numerous services all in one location. Obstetrics Plus does exactly this, providing women with complete care for their pregnancy from start to finish, including ultrasound testing performed at the same time and place as your prenatal appointments. Dr. Janet Vaughan, an obstetrician near the North Shore, has considerable experience with high risk pregnancies, foetal medicine, and multiple pregnancies, so you can feel confident that she is capable of providing the best possible care for you and your baby. Call 02 9958 2100 today to find out more!

Benefits of Choosing a Female Gynaecologist near the North Shore

When you’re choosing a gynaecologist near the North Shore or elsewhere in the area, one of the things you’ll need to decide is whether you want a male or female physician, or whether this matters to you at all. There is no one right answer to which is better – it all comes down to your preferences, your needs, and what makes you comfortable.

Many women prefer female doctors for various reasons, such as feeling more comfortable talking with a woman about sensitive issues. Often, whether or not a woman receives proper care depends on whether or not she is comfortable enough to discuss her reproductive health openly and honestly with her doctor, and some women may not feel as comfortable doing so with a male practitioner.

Another reason women often prefer female gynaecologists is because they feel that another woman is more likely to understand what they are going through, having all the same parts themselves (and, often, having been through pregnancy and childbirth themselves as well). And, if a woman feels that her doctor can understand and empathise with what she is going through, she may be more likely to speak openly about any issues she is having.

If you’re looking for a female gynaecologist near the North Shore, trust Dr. Janet Vaughan at Obstetrics Plus to provide the care you need during your pregnancy from beginning to end. Dr. Vaughan has extensive experience with a range of pregnancy concerns including high risk pregnancy, multiple births, foetal medicine, and more. Call 02 9958 2100 today to find out more about scheduling a meet and greet or for any questions you may have for the Obstetrics Plus team.