Female Gynaecologist in North Shore: Willoughby & St. Leonards

Pregnancy is defined by endless questions. Expectant mothers crave information as much as proper nutrition, striving always to provide their children with the best available care. To do this they know to seek physicians they can trust. This isn’t always easy, however, especially for those women who find themselves more comfortable working with female gynaecologists for their reproductive care.

Obstetrics Plus understands the importance of creating a comfortable environment for our patients. This is why we offer access to the best female gynaecologists in Willoughby, St. Leonards, and North Shore.

Obstetrics Plus: About Us

Founded in 2010, Obstetrics Plus has a simple goal: to provide women with exceptional care. To do this, we offer specialised services such as on-site ultrasounds, antenatal seminars, postnatal seminars, and more and a dedicated staff. We promote peace of mind with every appointment.

Choosing a Female Gynaecologist in Willoughby, St. Leonards, and North Shore

Obstetrics Plus strives always to provide our patients with a stress-free atmosphere. This is why we now emphasise the benefits of choosing female gynaecologists in St. Leonards, North Shore, and other New South Wales areas:

Fosters Communication

A relaxed patient is a communicative patient. To inspire open dialogues we provide access to an all-female team, ensuring that women are willing to express their thoughts, concerns, and questions.

Relieves Stress

By choosing a female gynaecologist in North Shore or other areas women may experience less anxiety. They may feel more comfortable during examinations and can then focus on educating themselves about the pregnancy process (rather than combating stress from a male presence). Obstetrics Plus understands the value of selecting a female gynaecologist in Willoughby and beyond. We wish only to provide our patients with specialised care and support.

Obstetrics Plus: Our Team

To secure the best results Obstetrics Plus relies only on the best team. Our company is led by Dr. Janet Vaughn, a noted member of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, as well as the ASUM Diploma of Diagnostic Ultrasound Association. Dr. Vaughn has obtained both her MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) and MPH (Master of Public Health). She has served as Head of Perinatal Medicine at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney, lead examiner at the Royal Australian College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, and is currently an Associate Professor at Sydney University. She – along with the rest of the Obstetrics Plus team – is a leading female gynaecologist for St. Leonards, North Shore, and beyond. She helps patients achieve exceptional foetal care.

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Every patient deserves sterling service and total comfort. Obstetrics Plus provides both, making us the premier gynaecological facility in New South Wales. We believe in prenatal and postnatal support, and our experienced team promotes worry-free appointments. To learn more about our services, contact us today!